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STATUES ON FIRE "Living In Darkness"

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LP / Rookie / 2019

"This is the third album by the Brazilian melodic punk band. "Living in Darkness“ showcases the band's development of their own punk rock style. This record is full of catchy and powerful songs combined with heavy riffing and great songwriting. The lyrics are based on their view of society, politics, and human relationships. The album title explains itself. This record is a MUST HAVE for fans of melodic punk!"

Track Listing:

01. Failure Misunderstand
02. Time Stand Still
03. Moving Forward
04. Marielle
05. Living In Darkness
06. Rescue Me
07. Letter To You
08. Break You Down
09. Wake Up
10. Foggy
11. Take Me All The Way
12. All Was Gone With You

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