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LP / Side Mission / 2021


Debut full-length release from Nuneaton pop-punk band SHACKLEFORD! '3 a.m.' is the first single from the album, Side Mission Records caught up with Dave (Guitar/Vocals) for a brief insight to the song " It's a reflection on self-destruction and being a prick.", so there you have it! Produced and Engineered by Jon Priestley (The Damned, The Godfathers). Mastered by Mass Giorgini (Alkaline Trio, Screeching Weasel, Anti-Flag). Orange vinyl. Ships early October.

Track Listing:

01. 3 a.m.
02. Rhetoric
03. The Attrition
04. Dragged Along
05. Guilt Would Creep
06. Across The Sea
07. On Asphodel
08. Me & Her
09. Plaster Saint
10. Maybe I Broke Something Inside
11. That Airless Summer