REBUKE "Wouldworks"

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LP (col) / Disconnect Disconnect / 2020

Disconnect Disconnect Records are very proud to announce the 10 year anniversary of our very first proper release - Rebuke's skatepunk classic "Wouldworks". The label and band are celebrating this by giving the album, (which was released on CD and Digitally on 5th April 2010) the vinyl treatment, with a limited release of 200 copies on transparent orange vinyl.

Track Listing:

01. Bartenders & Tarbenders
02. History Doesn't Repeat Itself... We Repeat History
03. Wings
04. Wings II: The Bastard Idioms
05. Affection, Abandon, Affliction
06. Gonzales
07. Death-defining Stunts
08. Take to the Seas
09. Snow Day
10. (It's Not) Rocket Surgery
11. His Brittle Faith
12. Still Weather