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LP / Thousand Islands / 2020

Our Darkest Days debut album A Common Agony previously released in 2016. Now available on colored vinyl via Thousand Islands Records for the first time! Recorded and mixed at Fréquences Productions by Pierre Lemire and Michael Fontaine. Mastered by Daryl Phenneger. Artwork by Sebas Thériault at Sterio Design.

Track Listing:

01. Now My Days Are Numbered
02. The Book
03. Ceaseless
04. Time Has Come (ft. Denis Buckley from 88 Fingers Louie)
05. Dying Flames
06. Razorblade’s Fury
07. Victimized
08. Still The Same*
09. By The Sweat Of My Brow
10. Homesick & Bookmarks
11. A Shelter For Your Comfort
12. The Burden Of My Sins (ft. Michel Garcia from FORUS)
13. A Common Agony For A Common Cause

*Still The Same isn’t part of the vinyl release but is included with the digital album download included with vinyl purchase.