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FULLCOUNT "Part Of The Game"

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LP (col) / Self-Released / 2018

Four years have passed since FULLCOUNT's debut album 'Concessions & Compromises' blew away nearly everyone in the underground fast punk scene. The long wait for new material is now finally over - 'Part Of The Game' is ready to see the light of day on October 12th! What to expect? Well, in short: goosebumps! The band, hailing from skatepunk mekka Quebec City, somehow managed to even evolve their style of fast, hard hitting melodic punk rock merging technical riffs and sing along choruses to perfection! Knowing well what great emphasis they put on DIY ethics, it's clear that the band themselves have handled all recording duties. Includes lyric sheet and digital download! Clear with brown smoke vinyl.

Track Listing:

01. Back Against The Wall
02. Killdozer
03. The Motion
04. Dry Bite
05. The Host
06. Ten Shots Deep
07. Discord & Treachery
08. Alter Ego
09. Maze Dream
10. Leap Of Faith
11. Losing At Bullshit
12. Dare Me Once

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