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BUCKET "Indoor Activities"

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7" / Agnostic About Violence / Lärvilevyt / Skategoat / 2020

Bucket from Helsinki formed in 2019 and quickly released this great 6 song EP of super uplifting fast and melodic skate punk. The songs on Indoor Activities give off positive and snotty punk rock vibes, catchy melodies created by both guitar and lead singing carried by energetic, bubbly basslines and on point drumming! Members of Bucket have been active in the Finnish underground punk scene for years - and it shows. The involved labels Agnostic About Violence, Lärvilevyt and Skategoat Productions are all run by members of the band in true DIY spirit. Classic black vinyl!

Track Listing:

01. My Troubles and the Universe
02. Stay Indoors
03. Clowns
04. Sober Daze
05. Johnny the Burglar
06. November (Real Good Fun)