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AGAINST TIME "And Not For Anyone"

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LP / La Agonia De Vivir / Vinylove / 2016

Against Time from the Netherlands was founded in 1994. After playing the local scene for a couple of years they released this incredible debut full-length on CD through 'Meter Records' out of Canada in 1999. The record got raving reviews, quickly sold out and is since then a highly sought after collectors item. But don't worry: One of Europe's finest 90's underground skatepunk gems 'And Not For Anyone' is now available for the first time on vinyl! "In Our Hands!"

Track Listing:

01. Opinions Made
02. In Our Hands
03. I Ask Myself
04. Pull It Up
05. I Still Believe
06. Nothing At All
07. Another Promise
08. Saw You Laughing
09. Time To Learn
10. Today
11. Blinded
12. Bring Back My Smile
13. Trying To Forget
14. Friends
15. Muddling Through
16. Alone Again

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